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CONTACT: Either Instagram @a_r_r_o_art Or tumblr, @dumbpenguinart Offering:  A thank you doodle 4x4, color if requested, No nsfw Links: Tumblr: @dumbpenguinart Instagram: @a_r_r_o_art Samples:
CONTACT:  Offering:  5-10 line poem for 5$+ 10-15 line poem for 10$+ 15-20 line poem for 15$+ 20+ line poem for 20$+ Links: Samples:
CONTACT:  Offering:  Short stories of up to 1500 words. No NSFW, I reserve the right to turn you down(but not without reason). Links: Samples:
CONTACT: tumblr (@lexsartsies) or instagram (@lordknightalex) Offering:  Illustrations and icons with the prices here: same terms as the comissions post on my blog Links: Samples:
CONTACT: Offering:  Digital painted portraits for $20+, digital sketches for $5, digital drawings for $10 no NSFW Links: Samples:,,
CONTACT: juliettestudios@juliettestudio... Offering:  Thank-you doodle of donor's choice $15.00+ add simple colour no NSFW Links: Samples:
CONTACT: bunnyleghair on twitter or email Offering:  headshot $10 lineart $25 colour full or mid body $30 lineart $60 colour no backgrounds, nsfw/furries okay, See Listing
CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle, detailed sketch for $25+, full colored digital drawing for $35+ No NSFW or furries Links: @unheulthy on tumblr Samples:
CONTACT:  Offering:  pretty much anything! I'm best with pencil or pen+watercolor. no NSFW, available through August 25 Links: @ankhwiz on tumblr Samples:
CONTACT: Offering:  Short Drabble, prose, or flash fiction/fanfic, not expected to exceed 500 words unless I get carried away No NSFW, first 6 See Listing
CONTACT:  Offering:  Creative writing services! Short stories, poems, fanfiction, etc no nsfw, first 10 donors only Links: @Annastasia_Hinz on Twitter Samples:
CONTACT:  Offering:  full body portrait (cartoonish for $5, semi realistic for $15) +5 for full shading no NSFW, available before august 4 Links: @_annettispaghetti on instagram Samples:
CONTACT: My instagram and Tumblr are @apurplefriend Offering:  I will draw doodles of animals/Pokemon for $5 Headshots of fictional characters/OC's for $10 No NSFW/Overly complicated See Listing
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