Kelsey Copeland – published magazine pieces from prompts

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Kelsey Copeland – published magazine pieces from prompts

CONTACT: @kelseqmarie on Instagram or @itsahardrockpunk on Tumblr; also @peripherada on Instagram and Tumblr; also


My art magazine has been on a very extended hiatus for the past year+, so I’d like to use this as way to get working on it before the summer is completely gone. The theme for this issue is *translation of color*, and the premise of the publication is that art is submitted & then I make art in response, and both pieces are published side by side.

*this theme was primarily determined in order to play around with the concept of describing a color without using the word. It will definitely encompass lots of other things.*

Give me a prompt, or a picture, let me know if you want a short story, a poem, a certain color, someone’s face, or whatever, and I’ll have at it. I’m wary about doing sculpture for this, since you’ll be receiving the art, but I’m happy to talk about it & will have to make a sculpture at some point for the magazine (I like to use all kinds of art within those precious pages).

If I choose your prompt/request for a Response Piece for the magazine, I’ll gladly post about you whenever I post that this movement is the only reason that the second issue ever got off the ground lol. Seriously, I bet the people who submitted think I escaped into a wormhole. Hopefully no one on here will ever think that.

no NSFW, intricacy of drawings will be determined on sliding scale of what is donated (i.e. whether it has a background, and how detailed that background is),


@kelseqmarie on Instagram &…


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