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What We Do

We work FAST! Really FAST

¡Trabajamos RÁPIDO!
¡Y esto significa realmente rápido!

Bonds / Fianzas

Bonds have recently been set between $15,000-$30,000 each instead of the typical $1500 bond. Recently the average bond has increased to $20,000.

Las fianzas se han establecido recientemente entre $ 15,000- $ 30,000 cada una, en lugar de la fianza regular de $1500.

Legal Representation / 
Representación Legal

We partner with some the best immigration attorneys in the country.

Nos asociamos con los mejores abogados de inmigración del país.

Detention Assistance / 
Asistencia durante la detención

We are expanding our services to include money deposited to detainees’ prison accounts.

Ongoing Support After Release / 
Soporte Continuo Después de la Liberación

Immigrant Families Together is one of the most comprehensive foundations in providing full assistance to our families. 

Browse Donation Incentives:

tanelfu – doodles, small illustrations & paintings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Thank-you doodles, simple illustrations/portraits, colourful little paintings Links: Instagram: tanelfu Samples:

Full Listing

Natasha de Gracia – character art & thank you doodles

CONTACT: , @Tempest_Lavalle (twitter) Offering:  $10 Headshots, $15- 20 basic character busts or …

Full Listing

EpiphanyPaige – custom CSP brushes, doodles & tutorials

CONTACT:  Offering:  - custom clip studio paint brushes for $5 each (i.e. …

Full Listing

Ankur Dang – poetry from prompts

CONTACT:  Offering:  Poetry on any prompt, for special occasions, or for a …

Full Listing

Micah – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Full character drawing for $15 ($10 extra for a simple …

Full Listing

Auri Khai – doodles, linework & colored pieces

CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle for general donations, varied lineart sketches …

Full Listing

Peribow – calligraphy, contour drawings & photographic prints

CONTACT: " class="autohyperlink">Illuminatesmypores+pencilsinth... Offering:  Calligraphy $5+ - quotes, religious passages, poems, sh*tposts, Tumblr posts, …

Full Listing

Thanh – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Thank you art of any character the donor requests. Please keep …

Full Listing

Tim Albany – art and short animations

CONTACT:  Offering:  I'd like to offer short animations and drawings. Links: Samples:

Full Listing

mangoslormpy – doodles & headshots

CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle for donations under $10 and full …

Full Listing

MeFo – doodles, character art & paintings

CONTACT:  Offering:  $1-9 a thank you doodle $10-19 a line art illustration of …

Full Listing

Jasper Lockwood – thank you doodles

CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle! Might be a little bit late if …

Full Listing

Gabriella Mayer – poetry & calligraphy

CONTACT:  Offering:  Calligraphy for $5 Poem (of any length) for $10 No NSFW, no …

Full Listing

Isabel Roses – traditional & mixed media art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Drawings in gel pens, felt tips, colored pencil, black pencil, …

Full Listing

Dahra Perez – doodles, headshots & requests

CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle. Headshots for $5+. Taking requests for …

Full Listing

Cal Sabatini – waist-up illustrations

CONTACT:  Offering:  Waist-up illustrations inked for $10+ Available until the end of August Links: Insta: …

Full Listing

Droewyn – fanfiction

CONTACT:  Offering:  Original fanfiction of at least 500-1000 words in length for …

Full Listing
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