Justice for Our Neighbors

National Justice For Our Neighbors employs a small staff at its headquarters in Fairfax County, VA, just outside of Washington, D.C. The NJFON office supports 18 JFON sites across the country, located in 15 states, including the District of Columbia. Together, these sites operate over 50 clinics, many of which have found a home in United Methodist Churches.

In our clinics, volunteers set appointments, welcome clients, conduct intake interviews with new clients, and much more. Staff attorneys meet with clients in confidential sessions to provide advice and counsel. Many clients are then taken on for full representation by the JFON staff attorney.

Staff and volunteers at JFON sites advocate for immigration reform that reflects our shared values of fairness and equality. We take every opportunity to educate our communities about immigration issues and laws. We strive to keep families together, and to provide our immigrant neighbors with hospitality, compassion, and respect.

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