The Migrant Center for Human Rights

The Migrant Center for Human Rights is a Texas nonprofit legal service organization providing free and low-cost legal services to men and women who are detained in immigration custody. Specifically, we provide legal support and representation to asylum seekers from around the world who are being held in immigration detention in the San Antonio area. We also submit requests for release from detention (parole, bond, and habeas corpus) and advocate on access to counsel issues, such as helping reunify split families and finding ways for non-English speakers to consult with and work with an attorney (language access). We work to:

Protect and promote immigrantsu2019 due process rights and other human rights
Cultivate and expand attorney and volunteer engagement
Educate the public about immigration issues and amplify immigrantsu2019 voices
Hold the U.S. government accountable for upholding immigrantsu2019 human rights

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