Together Rising

Together Rising transforms collective heartbreak into effective action.

In a world where crises abound and heartbreak is in every community, people who want to help often don’t know where to turn. Together Rising is where to turn.

Whether it’s pulling children out of the sea outside the refugee camps in Greece, helping abandoned kids on the streets in Indianapolis, establishing the first opioid recovery home for pregnant teens in New Hampshire, building a maternal health wing in Port-au-Prince, providing a single mother access to breast cancer treatment, or keeping a foster family’s heat on in Texas — Together Rising identifies what is breaking the hearts of our givers as they look around their world and their community, and then we connect our givers’ generosity with the people and organizations who are effectively addressing that critical need.

We live in a world where people believe that We Belong To Each Other.
We live in a world where people give away hard-earned money to strangers.
We live in a world where Love Wins. And we have proof: Since 2012, Together Rising has raised over Seventeen Million Dollars, with a most frequent donation of $25.

Most of Together Rising’s funds are raised through LOVE FLASH MOBS, time-limited fundraisers that have revolutionized crowd-sourced online giving, with thousands of strangers giving a maximum of $25 to meet a particular need in a matter of hours. Through these Love Flash Mobs, we are proving that small gifts can change the world in revolutionary ways.

100% of what Together Rising receives from every personal donation goes directly to an individual, family, or cause in need – not one penny we receive from individual donation goes to administration costs, unless a donor specifically authorizes that use.

Browse Donation Incentives:

CMG’s Creative Stuf – colorful square designs & pride flags

CONTACT:  Offering:  Square designs with custom colors or pride flag Links: Etsy: , …

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Annika – galaxy paintings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Several sorts of galaxy paintings (digital) for $3 Links: i-should-be-making-homework.tu... Samples:

Full Listing

tanelfu – doodles, small illustrations & paintings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Thank-you doodles, simple illustrations/portraits, colourful little paintings Links: Instagram: tanelfu Samples:

Full Listing

Carly Brown – sketches & colored pencil drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Digital sketches for $5+ (only available through August 31st) Traditional pencil …

Full Listing

Hermon – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Cell shaded or flat drawings of any character or fewer …

Full Listing

Promise – writing commissions

CONTACT:  Offering:  Writing commissions (500 words for $5, 1000 for $10, etc.) …

Full Listing

Jules – short fiction & fanfiction

CONTACT:  Offering:  Short piece of writing (500-1500 words). Can be either an …

Full Listing

Poke – doodles & character art

CONTACT: or Offering:  A thank you doodle, Digital headshot icon for $20+, Halfbody …

Full Listing

Squirrel – character art linework

CONTACT:  Offering:  Character (fanart or OC) ink line drawing for 10$ Links: Samples:

Full Listing

Joaquina Guevara – digital portraits

CONTACT:  Offering:  A quick digital portrait of a beloved friend/pet/plant/yourself no NSFW, may …

Full Listing

Ellie – character art, icons & photo referenced drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Character Art (sketch profiles or full bodies) Photograph Recreations (a portrait …

Full Listing

Starrylane – traditional character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Primarily traditional character art but I'm open to other things …

Full Listing

Cassie Brown – pet portrait sketches

CONTACT:  Offering:  Pet Portrait Sketch on a Thank You card Will be accepting …

Full Listing

Tori – sketches & character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Sketches for $10 donations. Black and White for $15. Full …

Full Listing

UnboiArt – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Sketches for $5, Headshots for $10, Half bodies for $20, …

Full Listing

MeFo – doodles, character art & paintings

CONTACT:  Offering:  $1-9 a thank you doodle $10-19 a line art illustration of …

Full Listing

Cal Sabatini – waist-up illustrations

CONTACT:  Offering:  Waist-up illustrations inked for $10+ Available until the end of August Links: Insta: …

Full Listing

Kat – half body drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  A half body drawing for 10+ and half body …

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EpiphanyPaige – custom CSP brushes, doodles & tutorials

CONTACT:  Offering:  - custom clip studio paint brushes for $5 each (i.e. …

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