Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition

Who We Are
The Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition is a group of local citizens and agencies that have united to develop an efficient way to transition refugees to their destinations upon release of federal custody through a unified and coordinated effort.

What We Do
As refugees approach our southern border, they are processed through the local authorities and then released to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. They are then given a court date and told to report to their sponsor’s city within 10 days. Because these families come through the border with only the things they can carry, they need a lot of support.

While they are in Del Rio and the surrounding area, we feel it is our responsibility as the citizens of this county to provide these refugees with access to the things they need to move on to their final destination.

Through the generous support of our community, we are able to provide these families with access to phones, restrooms, showers, laundry, warm meals, and more. We also do our best to arrange transportation to the city in which their U.S. sponsor lives.

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