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Any / All / Not fussy

Mix – doodles & short writing

CONTACT:  Offering:  doodles as per request for any amount donated (can go up in complexity as donation increases), can also do short pieces of writing (500-1000 words) length can increase as donation increases only tasteful nudity, available until late August Links: mnmix.tumblr.com Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Julia – art, comics & short animation

CONTACT:  Offering:  Black and White for $5, Color for $10, Comic page for $20, 5 second animations for $10, 10 seconds for $20! plus a thank you doodle!! No fetish art. Links: Julia-startoons.tumblr.com Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

TytoAlbatross – doodles & character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Headshot lineart for $2 Headshot color for $4 Headshot color + shading for $5 To torso lineart for $4 To torso color for $6 To torso color + shading $7 Add additional people for 5$ each Or a thank you doodle (quick 1-2 minute sketch) for $1! Specify if you want digital or […]

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Dee – sketches & colored doodles

CONTACT:  Offering:  I’m offering sketches for a minimum of a $4 donation and colored doodles for a minimum of a $7 donation Links: – twitter: @crayfishcoffee – tumblr: @crayfishcoffee – instagram: @crayfish_coffee Samples:

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