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Percy or Calliope is fine – thank you doodles & character art

CONTACT: @_bas.tet_ on insta or @dominosswift on tumblr Offering:  – A thank you doodle for up to $5 – uncolored sketch (bust) for at least $10, – flat color + lineart (half body) for at least $15, – full body, full color for at least $25 – more than one person is $3 extra. – no […]

Any / All / Not fussy

artofmimi – headshots & full body drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  headshots for $10+ (flat colors); fullbody for $25+ (flat colors) no NSFW/incest/pedophilia Links: @artofmimi on ig/tumblr || @artofmimih on twitter Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Claire! – flat colored fantasy ladies

CONTACT:  Offering:  I will draw a fantasy lady with flat colors (fairies, mermaids, vampires ect..) Links: @pastelturtel on Instagram Samples: drive.google.com/open?id=1FdLd…

Any / All / Not fussy

Calvin Arium – headshots & full body drawings

CONTACT: on twitter at @DeadeyeCyborg or by mail with the address above Offering:  Headshots in flat colors (for icon) for $30+ Fullbody in black and white for $40+ and color for $50+ no deadline for health reasons (chronic illness including chronic fatigue and chronic pain) Links: twitter : @DeadeyeCyborg instagram : @deadeye_cyborg Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Tam Tam – full body character art & looping animations

CONTACT:  Offering:  Flat-colored fullbody for $20+, small looping animation (6 frames max) $50+ no NSFW Links: tamparties @ tumblr, twitter, instagram Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Lisa Spiller – colored headshot doodles

CONTACT:  OR yawpkatsi.tumblr.com Offering:  Full flat-color headshot doodle! no NSFW Links: yawpkatsi.tumblr.com, @yawpkatsi Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Rachel Johnson – sketches & character drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Sketches for $5+, full-body flat lineless for $30+ no NSFW, one character/person per image Links: rayjart.com, www.instagram.com/rayjart/, twitter.com/rayjart7 Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Jay – doodles, sketches & full illustrations

CONTACT:  Offering:  – $3: Simple thank you doodle – $10: Landscape sketches, multi-subject sketches, or simple linework piece – $15: Base Color single subject or landscapes – $25: Lineless/full illustration simple subject piece – $35: Lineless/full illustration complex subjects and landscapes no NSFW, no softcore, available until September Links: silveralchemy47.deviantart.com Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Lee R – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Lineart: No Color: $7 | Flat Color: $10 | Shading/Detail: $20 Bust: B&W: $10 | Flat Color: $15 | Shading/Detail: $20 Full Body: Sketch: $12 | Flat Color: $17 | Shading/Detail: $20 No NSFW, each donor must wait 2 weeks before requesting a second commission/ prices may vary based on amount of detail […]

ACLU Angry Tias & Abuelas of the RGV Immigrant Justice Now RAICES South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project

Lynn – character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Characters, half-body: $5+ doodle/sketch $20+ colour flats + lineart additional character +$10 Links: twitter + instagram @lgdart Samples:

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