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ACLU Kids in Need of Defense RAICES

Magnolia Manzanilla – character icons & busts

CONTACT:  Offering:  $10 icons (characters) $25 rendered character bust-shots Same limitations as normal commissions available here cristaldotgema.com/services Also: no NSFW Available: For As Long As Possible Links: instagram: instagram.com/cristaldotgema website: cristaldotgema.com/portfolio Samples: drive.google.com/open?id=1sDWt…

Any / All / Not fussy

Sock – illustrations & icons

CONTACT: Tumblr, or my email Offering:  (uncoloured) drawing $5+ (coloured) drawing $10+ (coloured and shaded with a background or extra characters) Drawing, $13 Icons for profile pictures or headers for other things $10+ no nsfw Links: Tumblr Samples: drive.google.com/open?id=1tj5g… drive.google.com/open?id=1v-xv…

Any / All / Not fussy

Calvin Arium – headshots & full body drawings

CONTACT: on twitter at @DeadeyeCyborg or by mail with the address above Offering:  Headshots in flat colors (for icon) for $30+ Fullbody in black and white for $40+ and color for $50+ no deadline for health reasons (chronic illness including chronic fatigue and chronic pain) Links: twitter : @DeadeyeCyborg instagram : @deadeye_cyborg Samples:

ACLU Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services Kids in Need of Defense Lawyers for Good Government RAICES

Norkestra – doodles & icons

CONTACT:  Offering:  Fun doodles and Icons (OCs, Neopets, Pokemon, Metal Gear) Will default to doodles unless specified. Tell me if you want something extra silly! Links: www.Spiderleg.tumblr.com Samples:

ACLU American Gateways Angry Tias & Abuelas of the RGV Annunciation House Any / All / Not fussy Baker Ripley Catholic Charities of the RGV Humanitarian Respite Center Diocesan Migrant & Refugee Services Good Neighbor Settlement House Human Rights First Immigrant Families Together Immigrant Justice Now Interfaith Welcome Coalition Justice for Our Neighbors Kids in Need of Defense La Posada Providencia La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center Lawyers for Good Government Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services RAICES South Texas Pro Bono Asylum Representation Project Team Brownsville Texas Civil Rights Project Texas RioGrande Legal Aid The Human Rights Initiative of North Texas The Migrant Center for Human Rights The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights Together Rising Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition

Ellie – character art, icons & photo referenced drawings

CONTACT:  Offering:  Character Art (sketch profiles or full bodies) Photograph Recreations (a portrait of you or a friend/family member based off of an existing photo) Profile Icons Doodle of Your Choice (anything you’d like as a sketch!) All drawings will be sketches with simple coloring and/or shading. Preferably one person/character requested to be drawn, especially […]

Any / All / Not fussy

Grayson – character art, icons & voice acting

CONTACT: ; @tokyo2314 on Twitter Offering:  Lined Bust, $2 Colored icon for $5 (Includes background) Lined half-body for $5 Lined full body is $7 Expression sheet (9 busts) is $12 Full ref sheet (two full bodies and expression sheet) is $17 Writing and voice work (reading stories, some voice acting) can be discussed to figure out […]

Any / All / Not fussy

Mustelavision – doodles & character art

CONTACT: Twitter: @mustelaviision or Tumblr: mustelavision.tumblr.com/ Offering:  Doodle for $5 Headshot/Icon for $15 Single full body for $35 NSFW okay, but limited to single character pin-ups. Do not request underage characters for NSFW requests. No hateful imagery. Links: Instagram: www.instagram.com/mustelavisio… Tumblr: mustelavision.tumblr.com/ Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Gabriel-Quinn – colored character art

CONTACT:  Offering:  Icon/headshots + full color for $10-19 and full body + color and shading for $20+ no NSFW, no gore, no furry/animals Links: Instagram: @gqdoesart Samples:

ACLU Any / All / Not fussy Human Rights First Kids in Need of Defense Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center Together Rising

Poke – doodles & character art

CONTACT: Twitter.com/poketrainer13 or Offering:  A thank you doodle, Digital headshot icon for $20+, Halfbody for $30+, Action shot (traditional, not digital) for $30+ No NSFW, I work almost full time so may not be able to respond during working hours, please only choose one >^< Links: www.instagram.com/pokelowell/ Samples:

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