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Beatrice Genilo – doodles & digital landscapes

CONTACT:  Offering:  Abstract doodles for $5+ Digital Landscapes for $40+ NO NSFW. Digital Landscapes can be requested with particular details OR as a screenshot redraw. Links: Instagram: @MiscEris Website: beatricegenilo.wixsite.com/por… Samples: drive.google.com/open?id=1M0Sv… drive.google.com/open?id=1uCeJ… drive.google.com/open?id=1zZxG… drive.google.com/open?id=1RS5T…

Any / All / Not fussy

Sam – digital art, 3D models & short stories

CONTACT:  Offering:  Landscape digital art for $15+, pose sketch, character bust (digital art), 3D animated model of a prop (sword/knife/book/etc) for $20, 10-page short story of any genre. No NSFW Links: samschultzportfolio.weebly.com…; smugalbatross.artstation.com/ Samples:

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meghan hadley – watercolor & acrylic art

CONTACT: hadleymeghan.art on instagram or Offering:  pet portraits, landscapes, abstract, stylized portraits all available in watercolor/acrylic no nsfw Links: hadleymeghan.art on instagram Samples:

ACLU Angry Tias & Abuelas of the RGV Any / All / Not fussy Human Rights First Immigrant Families Together Immigrant Justice Now Kids in Need of Defense La Posada Providencia La Unión del Pueblo Entero (LUPE) Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center RAICES Team Brownsville The Human Rights Initiative of North Texas The Migrant Center for Human Rights The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights Together Rising Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition

Killi – character art, environments & doodles

CONTACT: twitter.com/BrujaDolorosa or instagram.com/killi.skulls.and… Offering:  Sketches/Lineart: Headshot: $5; Bust: $10; Full-Body: $15; +BG: Additional $5+ depending on complexity Full-Color: Headshot: $10; Bust: $20; Full-Body: $30; +BG: Additional $10+ depending on complexity Additional Characters: $10+ Just Background (i.e. Meadow, Skylines, or Space): $10+ depending on complexity (Please let me know if you would like it in color […]

Any / All / Not fussy

Jay – doodles, sketches & full illustrations

CONTACT:  Offering:  – $3: Simple thank you doodle – $10: Landscape sketches, multi-subject sketches, or simple linework piece – $15: Base Color single subject or landscapes – $25: Lineless/full illustration simple subject piece – $35: Lineless/full illustration complex subjects and landscapes no NSFW, no softcore, available until September Links: silveralchemy47.deviantart.com Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Mirabella – busts/headshots & landscapes

CONTACT:  Offering:  Sketched headshots for $3($5 for flat color and $7 for full rendering) Sketched busts for $5($7 for flat color and $10 for full rendering) Landscapes for $15 no nsfw, heavy gore, available starting June 10th Links: @pigieons on instagram Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Moonflower01 – doodles, character art & landscapes

CONTACT:  Offering:  A thank you doodle of anything SFW for any amount. $20+ donations can request more detailed (full body sketch, fully colored headshot, etc). $50 can get a fully colored image, full body if they want. $100+ can get a fully colored detailed landscape of their choice, can add up to 5 characters. Again, […]

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