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Requiem – fanfiction, pinterest boards & custom playlists

CONTACT: requiemforstarfish.tumblr.com Offering:  fanfic – 200 words / $1 1 pinterest board (15 pins) / $3 spotify playlist – 1 playlist (10 songs) / $2 8tracks playlist – 1 playlist (10 songs) / $3 rules for this are same as the rules of my independent exchange at requiemforstarfish.tumblr.com/… Links: requiemforstarfish.weebly.com Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Iris Leck – musical compositions & arrangements

CONTACT:  Offering:  Short piano compositions (mp3 and sheet music) (character themes, podcast themes, gifts, etc.). $10+ (depending on desired length/complexity) Adding chords/bass line/piano line to lyrics/poetry (with or without preexisting melody) (sheet music and mp3*). $10+ Arrangements for piano or string instruments (with certain limitations; I have arranged as simple as pop songs and as […]

Any / All / Not fussy

bottomlessballpit – art pieces & music video animatics

CONTACT:  Offering:  Anything under 5$: Headshot 5-10$: Halfbody 10-20$: Fullbody 20-30$: Detailed Art Piece 30$+: Mini Animated Music Video (10-20 seconds, frame-by-frame) No NSFW or suggestive art Links: Samples:

ACLU Any / All / Not fussy Catholic Charities of the RGV Humanitarian Respite Center Human Rights First Immigrant Families Together Immigrant Justice Now RAICES

J – character art, doodles & custom playlists

CONTACT:  Offering:  Small doodles for $1-5 torso +up drawing for $10 ($15 lined, $20 colored) Full bodied drawings (lined, colored, shaded) for $50 +$10 for additional characters or complex background Playlists with specified tastes/themes (on youtube or spotify) for $15 no nsfw, no heavy gore Links: juniusos on instagram, gaybard on tumblr Samples:

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