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Eliza E. – thank you doodles

CONTACT: Zagreuses-art.tumblr.com or Offering:  Thank you doodles of whatever you want, higher quality depending on difficulty etc., digital or traditional Absolutley no NSFW, racist carictures, Nazi characters Etc. Basically just be a decent person about asking me for drawings Links: Zagreuses-toast or zagreuses-art on tumblr Samples: drive.google.com/open?id=1dsCD… drive.google.com/open?id=1S6LU… drive.google.com/open?id=1KuNN… drive.google.com/open?id=1JTGW… drive.google.com/open?id=1I_HY…

Angry Tias & Abuelas of the RGV Any / All / Not fussy

Jane – handmade lettered & illustrated cards, logos, doodles, and short stories

CONTACT: janesartagainstracists@gmail.c… Offering:  HAND DONE ART a funky little word on an abstract watercolor background (you decide the word, i interpret the color scheme and typography)– $15. roughly 8x5in i will type the thank you/happy birthday card you’re putting off, send it to you online, and send you by mail a hand-illustrated card, that you can […]

Any / All / Not fussy

Van Robinson – traditional drawings of insects

CONTACT:  Offering:  Paper illustrations of insects Links: On Instagram @savvy_robinson Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Izamezz – traditional a& digital doodles

CONTACT:  Offering:  Just doodles! I can try to draw most things, both traditional and digital but I am just starting to learn how to ‘properly’ draw so it may not be professional quality! But I will put forth effort and time into anything I draw. No NSFW please! Links: Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Ill0mi – traditional & digital character art

CONTACT: www.deviantart.com/lesbiankaku… – twitter.com/ill0mi Offering:  Full-body, full-colour, full background – $16 half/middle-body, full colour, full background – £13 headshot/profile, full colour, full background – $10 full, no colour – $7 half/middle, no colour – $5 headshot, no colour – $3 ask for traditional Or digital no nsfw Links: twitter.com/ill0miwww.deviantart.com/lesbiankaku…bongwaterjuice.tumblr.com/ Samples:

Any / All / Not fussy

Brittany Long Olsen – ink/watercolor postcards

CONTACT:  Offering:  Ink and/or watercolor postcards for every $15+ donation No NSFW Links: blolsen.tumblr.com Samples:

ACLU Angry Tias & Abuelas of the RGV Any / All / Not fussy Human Rights First Immigrant Families Together Immigrant Justice Now Justice for Our Neighbors Kids in Need of Defense RAICES Texas RioGrande Legal Aid The Human Rights Initiative of North Texas The Migrant Center for Human Rights Together Rising

Hunter Clark – watercolors & photoshop pieces

CONTACT:  Offering:  Small, digitally scanned watercolor with no minimum. Larger donations will get larger/more complex pieces -OR- Photoshop piece of any complexity Links: Samples:

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