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Pencils in the Margin makes no claim of any kind to copyright, usage rights, or reproduction rights for any work created or delivered by contributors. Our role is exclusively one of general organisation and oversight.

In the event that we do need samples of incentive material for demonstration or press purposes in the future, we will approach contributors individually to seek permissions at that time.


We understand that our contributors voluntarily donate their time and energy to this project. Should a contributor fall behind in meeting demand, or wish to drop out of the project for any reason, they will be accommodated. Contributors who leave the project for any reason are always welcome to return. We may temporarily disable profiles in cases of inactivity, but they can be reinstated by the user at any time.

Should a contributor’s behaviour reflect poorly on the project or become disruptive to fundraising goals , we reserve the right to remove them from official listings and bar them from future participation. 

Delivery of incentives

Pencils in the Margin are not responsible for the delivery of donation incentives by contributors, and cannot guarantee their availability at any time. All incentives are given voluntarily, and do not represent a product for sale or equivalent value transaction for donations.

Qualifying donations

In order to qualify for incentives, donations must be made directly to listed organisations via their preferred donation links. We cannot accept receipts for donations made via third parties, or as part of larger transactions. To help us monitor and verify donations, please ensure the date is visible on your receipt, along with a transaction ID (where possible). 

Selection of fundraising bodies

The current listing of donation recipients has been compiled from lists published by trusted sources, and from recommendations by participants and donors. We make every effort to evaluate each fundraising body and ensure they are good candidates for direct donation. If you believe a listing has been made in error, or are aware of an organisation that would make an appropriate addition, please get in touch.

Pencils in the Margin maintains no formal relationship with any individual or organisation listed. Should any fundraising body wish for their listing to be removed, please contact us at .

User Content

Pencils in the Margin maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive or harmful content. However, we cannot take responsibility for material or external links that may be uploaded by contributors, and caution users to take reasonable care when engaging with content submitted by third parties.

In the case that user-submitted material is judged to be harmful or inappropriate, we may remove it without warning – including the solicitation of funds for individuals or groups that do not match this site’s mission. If you have any concerns about user-submitted content, please email the admin team at .
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